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"Kim Possible" is about a high-school cheerleader who, with the help of her best friend Ron Stoppable and his pet Naked Mole Rat Rufus, saves the world from various comical villains and still finds time to be a relatively normal girl with crushes, extracurricular activities, and high-school rivals.
Kim Possible looks like an average high-school cheerleader, but in her spare time, she saves the world from super villains. Her buddy, Ron Stoppable, his pet Rufus, and a resourceful webmaster named Wade collaborate on secret missions and can do anything. When she's not defeating the bad guys, Kim still has to cope with typical pressures of school, family and social life.
[POSSIBLE SPOILERS HEREIN]This show has great animation and excellent character design, but it's not one of the best shows on Disney. First of all, Kim and Ron always get a free ride by someone just for helping them in some previous lame crises. And what's up with those cheesy lines? "What's the sitch", or "Spankin". Then, there's Kims parents: her dad is a rocket scientist and her mom is a brain surgeon? Please! It's cool that one of them has a good job, but why couldn't one of them be a fast food worker or something? How many teenagers out there have both parents with such high paying careers? This show is a little too stupid to be taken seriously, even if it's a cartoon. I think Disney has over done it with these kinds of shows featuring parents with such high careers and trying to make it clear that the best are better than the losers.
I am absolutely _shocked_ at the reaction of some of the opinions presented here about what I think is actually a rather well written series. Obviously many here have not clued into concepts like irony, subtlety, and satire. Yes, some of the villains are clichéd, but they&#39;re _supposed_ to be clichéd. Like how the big supervillains are always supposed to have a secret lair, or always have to give away their big plan to Kim before they finish her off. (A favorite of mine is the villain who also works at a Costco-type super store, and instead of holding Kim above a pool of killer sharks, uses a pool of bargain-priced snapping turtles)<br/><br/>The dialog is pretty sharp, and I think it&#39;s actually one of the more quotable television series along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gilmore Girls. My favorite lines? Probably how in the future, Duff Killigan declares himself &quot;the world&#39;s deadliest cyborg golfer&quot;, which doesn&#39;t mean much to Ron, since &quot;cyborg golfer&quot; can&#39;t be a particularly crowded field. <br/><br/>To those who complain about the series not being &quot;realistic&quot;- you&#39;re not getting it at all. (People are actually complaining about the careers of Kim&#39;s parents? If I have to explain why them being a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon is sheer brilliance, then you&#39;re beyond help.) It&#39;s not a serious action show- it&#39;s part action, part satire, with some abstract humor and teen angst thrown in.

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